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Summit Picks Up Rights to Young Adult Series 'Homelanders'

Summit Picks Up Rights to Young Adult Series 'Homelanders': "
The Last Thing I Remember

Fantasy seems to have the young adult novel adaptation market locked down, however, slowly but surely, thrillers are on the rise. Last month we heard about an adaptation of the intriguing sounding novel Little Brother and now THR reports that Summit Ent. has picked up the rights to Homelanders, a young-adult book series by Andrew Klavan which is said to be a mix of The Bourne Identity and Disturbia about a high school student named Charlie who wakes up tied to a chair, not knowing where he is or how a whole year has passed. After he manages to escape, he embarks on an adventure to find out why everyone is after him.

Klavan is no stranger to adaptations of his work as Don't Say a Word (starring Michael Douglas) and True Crime (starring Clint Eastwood) both came from his novels. The series is three books strong with the first book, The Last Thing I Remember published just last April, the second book, The Long Way Home hitting shelves this past February, and the third book, The Truth of the Matter, arriving in November. It's not clear if all three of the books will be combined into one film, or if this might be the start of a franchise for Summit who has been raking in lots of dough with The Twilight Saga, so stay tuned to see how this project develops.

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