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Todd Phillips & Joel Silver Working on a Super Secret Comedy

Todd Phillips & Joel Silver Working on a Super Secret Comedy: "
Todd Phillips

Take the director of such comedy hits as The Hangover and the the super-producer of such films as The Matrix and Sherlock Holmes and put them on the same project and Deadline says you get a $12 million, super raunchy comedy going by the codename Project X, which will have British commercial director Nima Nourizadeh making his feature directorial debut, for producers Joel Silver and Todd Phillips, supposedly with an entire cast of unknown actors. The real title and its concept are being kept secret, and only fractions of the watermarked script will be given to the potential college age actors auditioning for it.

This sounds like the comedic equivalent of Cloverfield, and it may not be too far off as the project has been vaguely described as being an outrageously high concept. All this is very strange in the fact that it's such a low budget film from Warner Bros and filmmakers are hellbent on having every actor cast in the film being completely unknown and not unknown as in appearing in a couple guest spots on soap operas, but rather having their first professional on-screen work be this comedy. Director Nourizadeh has done several music videos and commercials including an ad for Adidas as well as this extensive spot for a big Bacardi event. If this comedy is good enough to be so secret about, count me more than interested. How about you guys?

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