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Tony and Sir Ridley Scott Want to Restructure and Run MGM?

Tony and Sir Ridley Scott Want to Restructure and Run MGM?: "
Ridley Scott / Tony Scott / MGM

We haven't been staying up to date on the MGM sale recently because it's all high level business stuff and there hasn't been anything interesting to report until now. The Financial Times is reporting (via Deadline) that Tony and Sir Ridley Scott 'have expressed interest in running MGM, according to people familiar with the situation.' They've also submitted a 'restructuring plan' to the studio and it's financial backers in hopes of getting them to agree to the proposal with them as the new management. Talk about a landmark deal if this actually goes through. Ridley and Tony Scott take over Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, founded in 1924.

The only problem is that MGM and its investors still have yet agree to any of the offers out there, and there are currently a lot of them on the table, including Ryan Kavanaugh's Relativity Media offer of $500 million in investment to help get productions like The Hobbit and the next James Bond off the ground. Whatever happens with MGM, it will be big, and we'll definitely be here to let you know what, when it's announced. For now, though, just consider how amazing it could be to see those two brothers take over a studio. They already run Scott Free Productions, but that would definitely be interesting. Oh the places they could go!

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