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Universal Unnecessarily Putting Johnny English Back in Action

Universal Unnecessarily Putting Johnny English Back in Action: "
Johnny English

Universal may not have the backbone to risk putting up the money for a potentially heavy-hitting drama like Cartel with Josh Brolin, but damn it if they won't pony up the dough for an unnecessary comedy sequel as Variety reports the studio is looking to make Johnny English 2. The sequel to the 2003 'comedy' brings back Rowan Atkinson (Bean) as the titular clumsy, bumbling British spy with Oliver Parker (St. Trinian's) set to direct from Mr. Bean's Holiday writer, Hamish McColl's, new screenplay. Yep, you're right Universal, this sounds so much better than an engaging drug trafficking drama. Ugh, why wasn't this done years ago!?

Sadly, this sequel is (only) being done as a safe move for Universal to rake in some dough as the first Johnny English, which cost $40 million to make, earned a pathetic $28 million stateside but made a mind-boggling $161 million worldwide. People just love Rowan Atkinson's slapstick antics and his goofy facial expressions.. at least everywhere outside of the US. So did I when I was 9-years-old. We live in a great time in the industry when crappy unnecessary sequels get greenlit over countless other projects, whether its a drama like Cartel, or a plethora of overlooked original spec scripts that are out there. Anyone else a little upset by this?

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