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Taylor Kitsch Hitting the High Seas in Peter Berg's Battleship

Taylor Kitsch Hitting the High Seas in Peter Berg's Battleship: "
Battleship - Taylor Kitsch

After being the highlight of X-Men Origins: Wolverine (though his Cajun dialect could've used some work) and leading the upcoming John Carter of Mars, the young actor Taylor Kitsch is continuing his rising star status at Heat Vision reports the actor will star in Peter Berg's board game adaptation Battleship. Kitcsch is taking the role that Jeremy Renner was initially circling until scheduling conflicts forced him to choose between this or Paul Thomas Anderon's forthcoming project. There aren't any specifics on his role yet, but Kitsch will certainly be right in the center of the story's naval battle against a water-bound armada of aliens.

So Kitsch will either be playing the aforementioned Commanding Officer of a five-ship fleet. or one of five other men on the team working under him as they battle against aliens, called The Regents. that are out in the water building something that will be a 'power source.' And to think, this is from a guy who had a brief appearance in Snakes on a Plane. Kitsch is certainly a rising talent worth keeping an eye on, but we won't get a decent look at his leading potential until 2012 which is when both Battleship and John Carter of Mars are due to hit theaters. Let's hope he's actually a great actor. What do you guys think of Taylor Kitsch?

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