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Video Interview: Clash of the Titans Director Louis Leterrier

Video Interview: Clash of the Titans Director Louis Leterrier: "
Louis Leterrier

I've been a big fan of French director Louis Leterrier ever since The Incredible Hulk, which wasn't that long ago, and I've never even seen Transporter 2. But after seeing him speak in-person at Comic-Con and seeing his version of Hulk, I became a big fan of his style and I knew I wanted to talk to him, especially after hearing that he was remaking one of my all-time favorites (the original Clash). Thankfully I got to talk with Leterrier the day after seeing his new version of Clash of the Titans (which I actually enjoyed) and here's the video from it. We cover quite a few topics, including creature design and his love for Greek mythology.

Watch our interview with Clash of the Titans director Louis Leterrier:

This interview was shot using my Flip Mino camera, so apologies for the audio being a bit soft. Although I know that Leterrier's Clash of the Titans is getting some harsh criticism from other critics online, I actually think there is a lot to admire about it, even though it's not as fantastic as the original Clash nor does it have Ray Harryhausen-style effects. I had plenty to ask Leterrier and there's even more I wanted to talk with him about that we didn't even have time to get into, so I may do a follow-up Q&A at some point. But I hope this helps answer some questions you guys might've had. Clash hits theaters this weekend. Go see it (in 2D)!

Clash of the Titans

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