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Anton Yelchin Starring in DreamWorks' Fright Night Remake

Anton Yelchin Starring in DreamWorks' Fright Night Remake: "
Fright Night

Are you ready for Disturbia: Part 2? Heat Vision has announced that Anton Yelchin will start in (Steven Spielberg's) DreamWorks' remake of Fright Night, the cult 1985 vampire film. As was reported earlier this year, Lars and the Real Girl director Craig Gillespie is helming the remake, which will start shooting later this year. While they are quite different, everyone is comparing this remake to Disturbia, which has a similar premise and also starred a young up-and-coming actor (Shia LaBeouf). Yelchin was also just cast as Clumsy Smurf in Sony's hybrid The Smurfs movie. I'm sure more casting for Fright Night is still on the way.

Fright Night, like the original, follows Charley Brewster, a teen who is convinced that his new neighbor is a vampire, although no one will believe him. While this version will keep the comedy-horror tone, the effects will obviously be modernized, although it doesn't look like it'll be 3D (phew!). In a previous post, producer Michael De Luca explained that they wanted to re-introduce the 'killer' vampire again in a world with so many romantic vampires, which gives me some hope for this. Yelchin is a great actor and I will be looking forward to seeing what he can do in this along with Gillespie behind the lens. Stay tuned for more updates!

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