15 Nisan 2010 Perşembe

Movie Posters: Iron Man 2, Cyrus, The Experiment

Movie Posters: Iron Man 2, Cyrus, The Experiment: "


One of my favorite things about going to the movies as a kid, besides the movies themselves and the trailers, was walking through the lobby of my local multiplex and checking out all the posters, banners and standees for the upcoming films. The art of poster design has gone to hell, I’ve grown up and become cynical, but I still love looking at theatrical one-sheets. So I’ve decided to try to make displaying new movie posters a more regular part of /Film. We’re not going to do a weekly column or anything, but every couple days we’ll bring you a round up of some of the new posters we’ve found around the web for upcoming films.

After the jump we have French character posters for Iron Man 2, a one-sheet for The Duplass Brothers’ Sundance hit comedy Cyrus, and a promo poster for The Experiment.

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