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Thor and The Avengers Round-Up: Cameos, Costumes, Controversy and More

Thor and The Avengers Round-Up: Cameos, Costumes, Controversy and More: "


Thanks to those ever-dependable news-n-rumour goldmines, the premiere red carpet and good ol’ Twitter, we’ve got a tidy little pile of Thor and The Avengers business to get through. Let’s get on with it.

Nugget one. Thor’s rumoured cameo in Iron Man 2 may have been confirmed. We already showed a screen capture from an online featurette that appears to show Chris Hemsworth as the mighty hammer man, holed up in a humble Earth prison. Today, Comic Book Movie are sharing some tweets from “ Branding Consultant and Creative Director” Gregory Littley in support of the rumour. Here’s the important one:

Press shots should hit the ‘net RIGHT around the timing/release of IRONMAN2. PS. It is THOR in the IRONMAN@ trailer.

Some circumstances make me doubt this a little. For one thing, the supposed Thor appearance is not in the trailer but a featurette, and then, when asked if he meant said featurette, Littley worded his response in a ducking, diving noncommittal fashion.

Thankfully, while that nugget might end up being pure pyrite, there’s some better-sourced gold in the pan too.

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